ATC Contest

Put your patience and skills to the test with our latest ATC Contest and receive this Great Division User award!

This Contest is based on a rewards system with points awarded for each hour you control within the XM Division.
The goal is to reach 500 Controller Points within 1 year.

This contest is valid from 1st of August 2017 until the 1st of August 2018.

The points rewarding system is as follows:
1- Each hour that you control within the weekdays (Sunday to Thursday “Days Inclusive”) will be awarded 3 points
2- Each hour that you control within the weekend-days (Friday & Saturday) will be awarded 1 point.

* Points will not be counted for connections lasting less than 30 minutes (Unless there were connection issues that are visible within the same day).

** Times of the day starts at 00:00z and ends at 23:59z (UTC).

*** There is no maximum amount of hours to be controlled per day, you can log on as an ATC as long as you want and need.

**** There is no need to report and file your hours; The ATC department will be monitoring the hours of any ATC position within the XM Division. 

ATC of the month SEPTEMBER

VID Name
1 103227 George Hamaty